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Lincoln's premier Chamber Orchestra is led by Caroline Siriwardena and is well known for performances of music for string orchestra. Now, under the baton of Conductor Nigel Morley, they are performing chamber works from the late Baroque to the Romantic period.

Upcoming Concerts 2023/2024

November 2023 TUE 21st



Village Hall

An all Mozart concert featuring his Clarinet Concerto with soloist Neil Atkinson.

The concert opens with a short symphony by Mozart alternatively titled “Overture in the Italian Style”. The orchestra is then joined by soloist Neil Atkinson, to play Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major (K622). Having retired as principal Clarinet in several prestigious RAF bands, Neil is now devoting his time to performing with orchestras around Lincolnshire.

The final work, Mozart`s Symphony No. 38 “Prague” is simply a masterpiece, Mozart at the very height of his creative powers, writing music for the city where he had many triumphs.

November 2023 SUN 26th



Central Methodist Church

Our new concert season features a major event in the musical world, the modern world premiere of a ballet by Mozart’s great rival, Salieri.

Many will have seen the movie “Amadeus” and know about the rivalry between Mozart and Salieri. The first main concert of our season features the first-ever performance in modern times of a ballet by Salieri, along with two symphonies by Mozart.

The Salieri ballet, written for the opening night of La Scala Milan in 1778, has remained in manuscript form ever since, never having been performed. It has been painstakingly pieced together by music scholar Ellen Stokes from Salieri’s manuscript, and Lincoln Pro Musica has the honour of presenting it to the world in this concert.

The concert opens with a short symphony by Mozart, alternatively titled “Overture in the Italian Style,” which neatly links to the Salieri piece. The final work, Mozart’s Symphony No. 38 “Prague,” is simply a masterpiece, showcasing Mozart at the very height of his creative powers, writing music for the city where he enjoyed many triumphs.

February 2024 TUE 20th



Village Hall

Enjoy an evening of orchestral music featuring compositions by Haydn, Mozart, and Schubert.

The concert begins with one of Haydn’s 'Easter' symphonies, No. 26 'Lamentatione'. An early masterpiece, this work is powerful and startlingly original.

The orchestra will then be joined by soloist Neil Atkinson to perform Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major (K622). Having retired as the principal clarinetist in several prestigious RAF bands, Neil is now devoting his time to performing with orchestras around Lincolnshire.

The final work is Schubert’s Symphony No. 5 (D 485). Written in 1816, it is the sunniest and most charming of all his symphonies.

February 2024 SAT 24th



Assembly Rooms

International violinist Anne Harvey-Nagl (Konzertmeister of the Vienna Volksoper & the Vienna Mozart Players) performs Mozart with Lincoln Pro Musica.

Appropriately for the season of Lent, the concert begins with one of Haydn’s “Easter” symphonies, No. 26 “Lamentatione.” An early masterpiece, this work is powerful and startlingly original. The Haydn is followed by an altogether brighter work, Mozart’s fourth Violin Concerto. Mozart wrote all five of his Violin Concertos in the remarkably short time between April and December 1775, primarily for himself to perform. Written at the age of 19, this concerto is bright, inventive, and one of Mozart’s finest early compositions.

Anne Harvey-Nagl will appear again in the second half of the concert with Mozart’s witty short Rondo for violin and orchestra. The concert concludes with Schubert’s Symphony No. 5, the sunniest and most charming of all his symphonies.

June 2024 TUE 18th


Woodhall Spa

St Peter's Church

Lincoln Pro Musica Orchestra comes to Woodhall Spa for the first time with an evening of music by Ludwig van Beethoven including the Eroica Symphony.

The music of Beethoven is arguably the most optimistic and celebratory music ever written. The concert starts with the Egmont Overture, a distillation in music of Beethoven`s entire life`s philosophy of triumph of good over evil.

Following this, Pro Musica`s leader Caroline Siriwardena takes centre stage as the soloist in Beethoven`s two Romances for Violin and Orchestra.

The main work of the evening, Beethoven`s mighty third symphony the “Eroica” shows in musical form Beethoven`s heroic ideals and aspirations for humanity.

June 2024 SAT 22nd



The Drill

Lincoln Pro Musica Orchestra returns to the Drill in Lincoln as it celebrates its 60th anniversary with a concert of music by Beethoven.

The music of Beethoven is arguably the most optimistic and celebratory music ever written and so fitting for this anniversary concert which closes the 2023-24 season.

Pro Musica's leader, Caroline Siriwardena, is the soloist in Beethoven's two Romances for Violin and Orchestra, which are preceded by the Egmont Overture, a distillation in music of Beethoven's entire life's philosophy of the triumph of good over evil.

The main work, Beethoven's mighty third symphony, the “Eroica,” shows in musical form Beethoven's heroic ideals and aspirations for humanity.

Lincoln Pro Musica Orchestra

Lincoln Pro Musica Orchestra was formed in 1964 under its founder director/leader, Michael Thompson. For most of its existence, it has been a string chamber orchestra with both professional and amateur musicians among its members. The orchestra has had a long association with Bishop Grosseteste University, which started when John Bannister (who was the Head of the Music Department there) became the Orchestra’s conductor. The partnership allowed student string players from Bishop Grosseteste to perform at a top level with the Orchestra.

Michael Thompson was succeeded as leader by Derek Johnson, until Caroline Siriwardena took over the position. Under her leadership, the ensemble has continued to thrive, performing works from the Romantic period and twentieth century, as well as the traditional Baroque and classical repertoire. Martin Stockdale took over as conductor in 1997 and encouraged the orchestra to explore a wider repertoire. He also expanded the areas in which the orchestra performed, including playing at a fireworks spectacular in Lincoln Castle and travelling further afield to venues in Norfolk. Since January 2023, Lincoln Pro Musica Orchestra has been under the baton of conductor Nigel Morley. The orchestra is now in its 60th year, and under Nigel’s direction, it is embarking on a new venture. Previously a string-only orchestra, it has now widened its scope to include wind players, giving the option to become a genuine chamber orchestra. This enables Pro Musica to bring to Lincoln much great music not regularly heard live.

Pro Musica is proud to present its first-ever concert season in Lincoln commencing in November 2023.

Conductor - Nigel Morley

Nigel Morley was born in Lincolnshire and studied music at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Since graduating he has appeared as both conductor and pianist in most European countries.

After graduating Nigel worked with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Chorus plus the English Symphony Orchestra working on the premiere of Colin Riley`s opera “Gulliver” and recordings of music by Nicolas Maw. Nigel has appeared at Henry Wood Promenade Concerts, BBC TV and BBC Radio Three broadcasts and the very first music broadcast of the BBC TV Channel Four.

Nigel founded the Midland Sinfonia in 1995, a professional chamber orchestra in the Midlands conducting it until 2008. In 1999 he was appointed conductor of the Boston Sinfonia followed in 2004 by conductor of the Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra. In 2010 was appointed director of conducting at Keele University and conductor of the Keele Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2018 Nigel was asked to guest conduct the Sudetan Philharmonic Orchestra (Filharmonia Sudecka) in Walbrzch, Poland. From January 2023 Nigel began conducting the Lincoln Pro Musica Orchestra.

Leader - Caroline Siriwardena

Caroline studied violin with Winifred Small and then at the Royal Academy of Music with David Martin and Kenneth Sillito. She moved to Lincolnshire in 1986 where she joined the East of England Orchestra (now Sinfonia Viva).

In the 1990s she formed the Usher Piano Trio with Deirdre Bencsik and the late Geoffrey Greed - together they performed most of the repertoire for this combination including the Beethoven Triple Concerto. She has also performed many of the sonatas for violin and piano with Geoff Greed, Ashley Wass, Nigel Morley and others and was also a member of the Sancerre Quartet with David Greed.

Over the past three decades she has led a number of Lincolnshire orchestras, including Lincoln Pro Musica for over 30 years, Lincoln Symphony Orchestra and Lincolnshire Chamber Orchestra. She previously led Lincolnshire Philharmonia, and freelanced with Sinfonia Viva, Opera North and the Orchestra of the Swan. As a soloist with various orchestras she has performed the Lark Ascending, Beethoven Romances and the violin concertos of Bach, Vivaldi (including the Four Seasons), Mozart (including the Sinfonia Concertante), Mendelssohn, Bruch, Brahms (and Brahms Double), Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Korngold. Caroline plays a violin made by Eugenio Degani of Venice in 1874.

When she is not playing Caroline enjoys her family, walking her dog Millie, travelling and gardening.

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Latest News...

Photo by Nancy Horowitz

Lincoln Pro Music are delighted to welcome Anne Harvey-Nagl, Konzertmeister of the Volksoper Vienna, to play Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 4 & Rondo Concertante with them. The concert takes place in the beautiful setting of the Lincoln County Assembly Rooms on Saturday 24th February at 7.30pm.

Anne is Konzertmeister of the Volksoper Vienna. Before her appointment to Konzertmeister in 2011, she was Principal 1st Violin in the Volksoper for 12 years. Anne is also Konzertmeister of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra, Ensemble Kontrapunkte, and a frequent soloist and Konzertmeister of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra.

Anne has performed at many venues around the world and is considered one of the finest players of Mozart alive today, making this an incredibly special concert; giving a rare opportunity for people to listen to the music of Mozart, played by an internationally renowned musician who has a special connection to his hometown, Vienna.

Find out more about Anne on her website.

In November 2023, Lincoln Pro Musica is honoured to be part of a very exciting project, bringing the music of Salieri to a live audience. Researcher Ellen Stokes from Huddersfield has spent four years researching and studying manuscripts as part of her PhD studies, and has reconstructed what she believes to be the complete ballet of Pafio e Mirra. It is this reconstructed edition that the orchestra will perform in their upcoming concert, on November 26th at Central Methodist Church in Lincoln. This will be the first complete performance of Pafio e Mirra in modern times.

The Salieri ballet was written for the opening night of La Scala in Milan in 1778. The ballet has long been believed to have survived only in a fragmentary form, with many scholars believing the complete score to have been lost. This has led to incomplete performances and recordings of the work, most notably a 2004 performance of Europa Riconosciuta at La Scala in Milan where a variety of Salieri’s potential ballet music was used in place of the true Pafio e Mirra score.

A link to Ellen's original work can be found here.

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